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  2. Executive summary
    1. Business Summary
    2. Mission
    3. Keys to Success  
  3. Finances (contact us for Financial Forecasts)
    1. Start-up Requirements
    2. Year 1 Financial Forecast (200 tonnes of plastic) 
    3. Year 2 Financial Forecast (300 tonnes of plastic)
    4. Year 3 Financial Forecast (400 tonnes of plastic)
    5. Project Phase 1, 2 & 3  
  4. SPREP & JICA Waste Management Study (Full Study attached)
    1. Vanuatu 2011 Recyclable Waste Goods Flow Table
    2. Vanuatu 2020 Recyclable Waste Goods Flow Table

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Business Summary

The purpose of this business plan is to describe the development of the Recycle Vanuatu Project, Vanuatu’s first all-in-one recycling plant located in Port Vila. Currently there is no recycling for plastic or glass of any kind and metals are being collected and shipped off shore.

The Recycle Vanuatu Project plans to establish a viable recycling plant that focuses on plastic & glass bottles as well as aluminium & tin cans. Vanuatu is being choked by recyclable waste and we plan to help tackle this environmental issue.

We hope that this business plan will help us to raise funding to establish a modern recycling plant that suits the environment here in Vanuatu.


Supporting recycling is supporting the planet, lets keep it clean.

Keys to Success

  • Create “Recycle Vanuatu” into a recognisable brand.
  • Promote awareness around the importance of recycling and its environmental benefits.
  • Develop and implement an effective environmental curriculum for local schools.
  • Design an efficient recyclable waste collection and sorting operation in conjunction with Vanuatu’s Waste Management & Landfill Departments.
  • Streamline the recycling plant’s machinery runs to minimise expensive electricity usage.
  • Train staff in all aspects of the recycling business.
  • Secure an ongoing contract with a plastics company to purchase the wholesale recycled granules.
  • Design “Recycle Vanuatu’s” own injection mold to begin producing retail products from the recycled plastic granules.
  • Build relationships with local businesses who import all their wholesale plastic. For example bottled water companies.


Please contact me for the three year financial forecasts, they contain the following;

  • Set Up Costs
  • Profit & Loss Forecast
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Balance Sheet Forecast
  • Break Even Analysis
Project Phase 1  
Collection Agreement Contract $1,000
Land Agreement Contract $1,000
Sorting Area Build $10,000
Research & Development $15,000
Perimeter Fence 1 Acre Block $20,000
Awareness Program $10,000
Total USD $57,000
Project Phase 2  
Warehouse Build $150,000
Recycling Machinery $198,545
Import Sea Freight $15,000
Diesel Fuel 11,000L $16,000
Diesel Generator 200kw $20,000
Hydraulic Baling Press $12,000
Total Wages 1 Year $90,000
Awareness Program $10,000
Total USD $511,545
Project Phase 3  
Plastic Injection Machine $46,000
Plastic Injection Mould $12,000
Awareness Program $10,000
Total USD $68,000
Total Funding USD $636,545

SPREP & JICA Waste Management Study

Please note: PET Bottles = 916 tonnes for the year of 2011

SPREP & JICA Waste Management Study

Please note: PET Bottles = 1,605 tonnes forecast for the year 2020

Vanuatu 2020 Recyclable Waste Goods Flow